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How To Create Software

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A device (software or hardware) that compresses data is often know as an encoder or coder, whereas a device that decompresses data is known as a decoder. A device that acts as both a coder and decoder is known as a codec. A great number of compression techniques have been developed and some lossless techniques can be applied to any type of data. In recent years, development of lossy techniques, specifically for image data, has contributed a great deal to the realisation of digital video applications. Okay, so far for the compression in general, but what about compression on binaries?

Software compression Like mentioned before, a Arab Money Machine compressed executable (or DLL) must be self-contained. Hence, it must be a self-extracting archive where compressed data is packaged together with the decompression code into an executable file. This way, there is no separate program needed to execute a compressed executable file. This decompression code that is added to the compressed data is often called the decompression stub. Running a compressed executable essentially means that the decompression stub unpacks the original executable code before passing control to the recomposed original binary. The effect is the same as if the original executable had been run. To the casual user, compressed and not compressed executables are indistinguishable.

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